What is a Cross Promotion?

Cross pro-mo-tion: noun; The cooperative marketing by two or more companies of each other's products/services.

A well-known example of a cross promotion is Disney and McDonald's Happy Meal toys.



  • Save time and money
  • Expand your database of customers
  • More exposure for your business
  • Builds trust and credibility
  • Win-Win for all parties

Here's an example of a local cross promotion...


This is a group cross promotion.  A local group of businesses with similar customer demographics.

Each business decides on the prize they will be giving...perhaps a $50 gift certificate.

The participating businesses collect entries from prospects and customers at their locations.


At the end of the contest period, the entries are pooled and one winner is chosen.


At that point you will have a valuable list of customers that you can then communicate with on a regular basis.


It's somewhere between 5 and 10 times LESS expensive to get a customer to come back than to get them to come in the first time.


This cross promotion contest gives you a fun and non-threatening way to get the contact information of your customers.


It also introduces your business to the customers of the other participating businesses in your area.


Their customers will be similar to yours (income/education/etc.) and more likely to trust you because of your association with them.


COST:  You'll pay for whatever your prize is and then the nominal cost of one or two signs, the entry slips and a fishbowl or other receptacle to hold the entries.


So for $20-$30 and the cost of your prize you can be part of a promotion.


The "Cross Promotion Network" is a group of business owners who are open to cross promotions, both LOCAL as described above and via the Internet.


If you are a business owner who wants to get involved in cross promotions with non-competing businesses, join our FACEBOOK and LINKED-IN Groups and introduce yourself including where you're from and the type of business you have.


If you have some ideas for the types of cross-promotions you'd like to be involved in, be sure to mention those in your introductions.


Good luck!


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Thank you!


Leo Quinn
Ballston Spa, NY


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